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Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome with a funny, buzzing, v.... Never mind!

Welcome to my blog. This is basically a place for me to vent about the stuff that's going on in my life. It's crazy at times. Depressing at times. Hilarious at times.

[insert uncomfortable silence here]

Basically, it's a weird life!-_^

Take today for example;

I own my own hardware store that caters to anyone needing their dryer fixed, to a new lightbulb, to computer parts... well, a lot of things really. I'm basically the handyman around these parts.

The day started uneventful. The goods were delivered, grabbed a cup of coffee and as usual, I managed to avoid doing any actual work for the first two or so hours. It's one of the perks of being your own boss. But as time went on, customers started to appear. And I swear I will NEVER forget this one customer.

So, there I was. Unpacking the goods while it was still quiet and not many people around. The doorbell rang as the sliding doors opened and someone triggered the motion sensors hooked up to the bell. I look up at the customer and greet her. A slender, well-looking woman in what I guess were here early thirties. Now, I would never actually guess anyone's age to their face because I tend to get slapped when I do.

She responded with her own greeting as I guided her to the counter and asked how I could be of assistance. Suddenly she seemed a lot more timid and shy then she appeared at first. She pulled up her purse and put it on the counter, right in front of me. She rummaged through the bag while taking quick peeks at me. She wanted to say something but started stuttering a bit. Slowly she pulled a oval-shaped metallic object and a small remote control with two buttons from her purse.

'I need batteries for this but I can't open it.' she said.

I had no clue as to what the thing she pulled from her purse was. I nodded with a friendly smile, opened the remote control, pulled out the battery and told her we sold it. She seemed relieved that I was able to help her and told me she tried to open the metallic bit. I got her the battery and inserted it into the remote and pushed to test it.



The metallic part vibrated. Yes. That's right. It vibrated.

I'll leave the rest to your imagination. ~_^


Liquider said...

Have a good start!

Sacrilicious said...

Will do. This is actually more fun than I thought. :P

MuteMath Fan (& news junkie too!) said...

Oh my! Good luck!

BetterButterScotch said...


Silent Crawler said...

No idea what that might be.
The beginning is interesting, so I want to see the rest. Following!

herp derp said...

Haha funny stuff! :)

Half Coct said...

That's when you respond, "how about I introduce you to something that doesn't need batteries." being the boss of the store I'm sure you could have closed shop for a few hours to demo a new product especially for her.

~H. Coct

Broccoli said...

haha wow man, that is a great customer : -p

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